Videos Of Shamaine

Shamaine Louise - I Love You I Do (Jennifer Hudson cover)

On a Superstars in the Making show, Dec 2012.
Will Young - Grace (Children In Need 2008)

Backing Singer

Terry Venables - If I Can Dream (The Sun advert - World Cup 2010)

Part of choir. Visable behind Harry Redknapp on 0:35.
Sashi & The Wild Beans - Topsy Turvy (Official Video)

I was one of The Wild Beans!

Sashi & The Wild Beans - Hands Off (Live)

I was one of The Wild Beans!

Videos Of Students

Leighton Jones - Free (Studio Recording)

My choir, New Harmonix, was asked to record backing vocals for Leighton Jones (The Voice 2016).

New Harmonix's Page
New Harmonix's Facebook
Morgan Rawbone - I Miss You (Official Video)

Morgan has been a student for 5 years. Her song 'I Miss You' was released to raise funds for Scotty's Little Soldiers charity.

Morgan Rawbone's YouTube

Olivia Kneath - Don't Let The Guns Sound (Original Song)

Olivia Kneath's YouTube
Charlotte Bonney - First Time (Beverley Knight Cover)

Morgan Rawbone - Want To Want Me (Jason Derulo Cover)

Morgan Rawbone's YouTube
Morgan Rawbone - No (Meghan Trainor Cover)

Morgan Rawbone's YouTube

Luke Edwards - I'm Changing (Jennifer Hudson Cover)

Luke Edwards' YouTube
Luke Edwards - Oh Happy Days (Sister Act Cover)

Luke Edwards' YouTube

Abbie Tudor-Williams Ft. Lucy Bellinger - Stitches (Shawn Mendes Cover)

Abbie Tudor-Williams' YouTube
Abbie Tudor-Williams - Flashlight (Jessie J Cover)

Abbie Tudor-Williams' YouTube